Vampire lips
This is more of a joke than a TV series, I knew this from the very first episode of the show: the way their fangs come out and the way they die, I mean their remains look like bloody stool. I watch this show because it really blows my mind with all the absurd (I love it for that actually), if there is a way to take your mind off things, it’s watching True Blood (although Hemlock Grove is nipping at its heels already). So here I want to share the most absurd moments of the last season.
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1.Agent Mulder’s cell phone number in the series is 555-0199. The same number is used by the Burnhas in “ American Beauty”, and Al Pacino leaves this number in “the Insider”.

2. In “Gender Bender” episode agent Mulder examines a dead body and you can see that the corpse is blinking.

3. In some episodes, Mulder’s gun has no cartridge clip.

4. In the pilot episode the man who substitutes Scully on the plane is David Duchovny’s father.

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In our life there is a place for various events, both positive and negative. And when something happens you may not always be totally aware of the fact if that thing is good or bad. Sometimes it seems that the lives has its own rules and principles that differ a lot from our ideas of how the perfect life would flow. Different people evaluate the events of their life in various manners. One complain about their destiny, the others keep living in the customary manner biting the bullet and hope that there will be the end of all the problems of their life. But there are such individuals who believe that each action and each thought haves the certain influence on the life outline and even can gives us the possibility to choose the events that happen in our life ourselves. There is no person probably who would refuse to live in comfort and happiness.

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My parent divorced two years ago. It was really difficult time for all of us. They simply fell out of love. They had arguments all the time. Well, it was their decision to split up. Actually I didn’t mind. Of course I love them and want them to be happy. My dad moved to another town. I keep in touch with him and from time to time visit him. Frankly speaking I do not know if he is dating anyone. At least it is not my business. It seems like everything is absolutely okay in his life.

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“Haragei” is the Japanese art of communication without pronouncing words. In fact the rumors of the telepathic abilities of Japanese are exaggerated. Their art of guessing the thoughts of the interlocutor is based on the natural politeness and delicacy. It seems that to guess the intentions and wishes of a stranger is a difficult task but Japanese deal with that every day. To start with try to guess the thought of your close friends of relatives. It is easier than anticipating the next phrase of a completely unknown person.

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Social communication is becoming weaker and weaker with the flow of time. In the world full of TV shows and programs we somehow tend to ignore the fact that we get addicted to them and all the communication we get is just the TV set or the favorite series.

Nevertheless, psychologist say there are certain reasons for our distracting from real social relations and communication for sake of the TV shows. There are always a lot of interesting events in a show. They meet each other, love and hate each other, save and kill each other…It’s like the whole interesting life in one sack and that’s why we get addicted to them.

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