Monthly Archives: June 2012

Most of us find it easier to undertake life and all ordeals it sends to us with the help of some philosophy that guides us through the difficulties and provide us with the answers. The question arises, which kind of philosophy is yours, which one answers your needs and your principles. For me such philosophy became Taoism and I want to share with you my experience of living according to its provisions.

Taoism originated from China and it is also called Daoism. This philosophical and religious tradition is based on the principle of Tao which can be relatively translated as Way. This theory says that everything in life should happen in a natural manner, everyone has their own way and should initially follow it, and in this case good luck will join them. But if you try to force the events or make them happen earlier than it is destined by the evolution process of the development, both of your own and of the external world, you will find it difficult to achieve your goals.

Another interesting provision of Taoism is that if you follow your Tao then all the universe tries to help you on your way or give you signs on what decision to make in this or that situation. This philosophy requires from you to be relaxed, to take your time and do not rush forwards without listening to your intuition which is able to read these signs.

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