Philosophy of Taoism – Finding Your Way

Most of us find it easier to undertake life and all ordeals it sends to us with the help of some philosophy that guides us through the difficulties and provide us with the answers. The question arises, which kind of philosophy is yours, which one answers your needs and your principles. For me such philosophy became Taoism and I want to share with you my experience of living according to its provisions.

Taoism originated from China and it is also called Daoism. This philosophical and religious tradition is based on the principle of Tao which can be relatively translated as Way. This theory says that everything in life should happen in a natural manner, everyone has their own way and should initially follow it, and in this case good luck will join them. But if you try to force the events or make them happen earlier than it is destined by the evolution process of the development, both of your own and of the external world, you will find it difficult to achieve your goals.

Another interesting provision of Taoism is that if you follow your Tao then all the universe tries to help you on your way or give you signs on what decision to make in this or that situation. This philosophy requires from you to be relaxed, to take your time and do not rush forwards without listening to your intuition which is able to read these signs.

I want to admit that it is difficult to follow this philosophy in our mad world, where it may be impossible to stop and think, where everybody are in a constant hurry, where people want to get what they need as fast as possible and they are ready to waste a great amount of energy, though sometimes it is not even needed. In the beginning it was hard for me to slow down and be more relaxed as stresses were waiting for me everywhere. But then I have read one book and it explained much to me. It is written by Benjamin Hoff and it has a funny title “The Tao of Pooh”. The principles of Taoism are explained there in a very simple manner through the story of Winnie the Pooh, who appears to be a wise Taoist indeed. From the first sight this book looks like a story for kids, but it has a deeper layer revealing the ancient philosoph6y of China. Using the example of popular fairy-tale characters the author advises us to enjoy life, to stay calm in stressful situation and follow your own way without pretending to be someone else. We often try to live someone else’s life and do what we think we should do. But only if we begin to do what we really want we will achieve success and harmony in life.

When I begin to follow the principles of this philosophy in my everyday life I discovered that the things started to happen as I wanted them to. I also found out that if the dream you pursue is really yours then the course of events will naturally lead you to positive results. On the other hand, if you fight with difficulties on your way too often and too hard, may be it means that it is not your way at all and you should change your direction.

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