What is there special about same-sex marriage?

I wonder what is there special about to be raised by the same-sex parents? Homosexuals still have some problems in many states and still suffer from the lack of equal rights. Federally same-sex marriages are not recognized in our country. At the same time homosexuals have a right to get married in six states. It is strange, isn’t it? In many countries people do not encourage same-sex marriages. Some people assert that even the Holy Bible condemns homosexual relations focusing their attention on the fact that the marriage is contracted merely between a male and a female. Well, actually I’m not very religious person so I’m not very good at it. I realize that it is probably an immoral sin for religious people and it is not God’s will and homosexuality is just a social phenomena. According to statistics few people are born as actual homosexuals. I wonder why do they not condemn those who prefer to live alone and do not have an aim to build a family. According to their reasoning it is not very well and pretty unnatural. Don’t you think so?

Anyway I do not understand people who condemn others and by the way there is no guarantee that their children wouldn’t be homosexuals. It would be very funny really. “Hi dad! Hi mom! It is Steve and I love him so much”, said John… and if his parents are homophobes it would be his last words. I’m just kidding you. But seriously I suppose it is not their deal at all to pry into affairs of other people whether they are homosexuals or heterosexuals.

I’m sure that children of homosexuals can suffer as well. It is pretty strange when you have two dads or two mothers only and it can be strange as well for your classmates and friends. I’m afraid that many children can be bullied and mocked by others and this experience is traumatic and undesirable at all. I think that it causes homophobia as well. Some children can be mocked severe so when they grow up they can hate any same-sex relations. Well, it is just mere guesswork. I have recently watched The Kids Are All Right by Lisa Cholodenko, who by the way came out as a lesbian when she was a student. The storyline of the film is pretty complicated depicting difficult relations between married lesbian couple, their kids and their sperm donor father. But the the kids were all right anyway and they were happy to be raised by two lesbian mothers.

As for me I can’t still get used to such couples. I’m glad to see happy people but for me it is all about timing. Sometimes it is strange to see them but it doesn’t mean that I condemn them or whatever. Not at all. The only thing that really worries me is their children. Scientists and psychologists assert that they are psychologically healthy as if they are raised by heterosexual couple. But not many accept it and as a result children can suffer from their conservative position.

It should be admitted that we live in a liberal country and people have an inherent right to choose what religion to confess, whom to love and with whom to live. That’s it.

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