Few Reasons To Try New Opera 12

Opera has always been the brand which initiated various major improvements of Internet browsing and inspired other developers to do the same. Opera was the first browser which provided an option to control it by means of special mouse movements which was considered an indispensable feature later along with the presence of a quick launch panel, built-in email client and a lot of other incredible features absent in other browsers.

Opera 12 promotion is involved to a special development plan called Opera Next. The usage of Beta version is not at all harmful to the simultaneously running stable so you can easily set it up on your computer and use it without any damage to the existent version of Opera on your PC.

Let us describe the most attractive functions of the new Opera browser:

  1. Theme support. A user can choose the preferred design for the browser from the rich variety of the present themes. Those who are eager to create their own themes are enabled to do that as well.

  2. High productivity and flawless performance. One of the most evident tendencies of developing web browsers is sticking to the rule that it must be fast and effective in use. Thus the Opera 12 creators divided the plugins into separate processes and this allowed users to optimize the use of CPU resources and increased stability of the browser itself due to the fact that it works as a stand alone process and is independent from other modules. SSL processing and tabs loading were improved in order to increase the speed of start and turn off.

  3. Opera Reader, the new books reading mode. Another tendency to optimize the browser for reading ebooks, newspapers, magazines and ordinary web pages from the display. It is not a secret that the implementer of this function was inspired by Safari browser made by Apple. One of the main characteristics of this mode is that a reading user doesn’t have to scroll up and down to browse pages, one needs only to turn it over which is much more natural for a human. PgUp and PgDn are the only two buttons necessary to skip the pages.

  4. Opera is ready to work with a web cam. At first it became necessary to establish the support of getUserMedia() in HTML5 and the picture from the web camera goes directly to the Internet page.

  5. Improved security of Opera 12. The web writers never stop working on improving the safety of web browsing and the most noticeable update is a special icon informing a user if the page is secure or not. It allows identifying whether a site records the data on a user’s location or if it requires a turned on web cam. Luckily there is a new version compatible with 64-bit versions of both Windows and Mac and the system of add-ons is continuously improving.

A lot of the new features of Opera 12 look like they are oriented on tablets, smart phones and other portable devices. Anyway, all of them definitely make web browsing much better on any type of a computer.

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