How to Survive Public Performance

You are standing on the stage in front of the huge hall full of people, and all of them are looking at you attentively and without a single blink. You take a deep breath and make an attempt to speak but no sound emerges from your throat. Your face becomes red and sweaty, your hands shake, the silence gets deeper every moment, the audience starts laughing…And then you wake up. If this nightmare haunts you not only in dreams but in real life as well, you are one of those who suffer from stage fear or performance anxiety.

The point is, this fear and the feeling of panic can present a big difficulty for you and sometimes even deprive you of the chance to reach success in personal and business sphere. You should work hard to overcome this fear in order to prevent it from ruining your life. There are some useful and simple techniques which will help you to develop the immunity to the performance anxiety.

One of the reasons of stage fright is that you concentrate entirely on yourself and your emotions. Try to use different approach – constantly remind yourself that you are here only to present a piece of information and the audience is not interested in your personality, just in the message you have to share. Concentrate on the material, make yourself interested in it.

Do not think that you will defeat your performance anxiety at once. Accept the fact that it is a natural feeling and you will not get rid of it entirely. Being nervous while performing on the public is absolutely normal, don’t suppress this feeling – make some use of it instead. Direct your emotions to the report, fill your message with passion and make it sound interesting.

Another way to cope with the problem is to imagine your future performance in every detail. Imagine all the worst situations which can occur to you, like, for instance, you can not speak, you begin to sweat, people yarn and show no interest in your performance. Then answer the question – is it really that awful? Is there anything worse than this? Do you really think that people are awful and cruel monsters who will laugh at you because of some of your minor mistakes? If you hesitate with the answer I will provide you with a clue – no, they will not laugh.

You can also videotape yourself before the performance in order to make sure that you have no reasonable grounds to be afraid. Another way to fight this fear is to establish contact with the audience. Make them the participants of your performance and the difference between you, standing on the stage, and them, sitting and looking at you will become minor.

Finally, there is one more recommendation concerning your struggle with performance anxiety. Work not against it, but with it, as it is an essential part of your performance which can make it brighter and more touching. As the result, the haunting images of your nightmares will leave you alone both n dreams and in reality.

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