Lady Gaga Illuminati Instrument

Artists and performers probably don’t know that they are just a toy of someone above them. The most of them are a tool to fulfill the tasks they do not have any guess about. The producers seem to have a little bit more information but they are likely to receive the orders from their bosses to include some definite symbols and images in their works. Of course, Rihanna probably doesn’t realize what kind of impulses does she transmit for being dressed up, told how to move and which eye to cover with her palm, what to sing and when to smile. We use body language unconsciously and if we see somewhere a certain pose or a face expression there is a great possibility that we will adopt it.You may notice that if you read a book and came across a witty phrase you will remember it and pronounce it in a short period of time as your own. The same thing is with the gestures and posing. The videos are full of movements which are not chosen randomly. Beyonce is not an exception as being on the top if all hit-parades can’t be accidental. The forming of tastes and preferences is too important to let it drift as it it. It’s the instrument of the mass influence.

Lady Gaga is holding the top positions but is it by accident? The symbols of the Illuminati used in her videos and performances become surprisingly apparent after the analysis carried out. All her personal image is meant to get the control and handling of the viewers’ minds during her show (which is not actually a show but a zombie making organized by the Illuminati secret societies). The emptiness and absence of logic is a new trend in the modern music which is meant to distract the spectators’ attention and get their mind ready to absorb the new messages from the hidden governors.

But how do they manage to control the human mind? The MK-Ultra is the project of CIA having the goal of finding and exploring the means to manipulate the behavior of a human-being. These technologies were used during the interrogation of the criminals.The people subjected to the experiment were to listen to the tape with the repeating phrases or just the sounds of a certain frequency and timbre.That caused the memory disorder, the altering of sexual behavior and created the feeling of being dependent. One if the MK-Ultra side projects was named “Monarch”. This name was connected with the name of the butterfly as an occult symbol of transformation.

Lady Gaga is often depicted surrounded by butterflies. The covering of the left eye is a sign of the occult knowledge and splitting of the mind.The beheaded woman with a lightning silhouette used as a trademark combines the absence of will and the two personalities living in one body. The lightning can be a symbol of the elector-convulsive therapy leading to a total mind zombieing which was known to be used by Nazis.

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