Taxi in Different Countries

Taxi is the type of transport that could be found everywhere all over the world. So let’s see what peculiarities of the most convenient way of transportation are there in different countries?

In London the taxi cars are called “cabs”. Their history begins with the horse cabriolet which carried the passengers had two wheels and were open-top. The contracted form of the word “cabriolet” was “cab” and remains to be widespread nowadays. In the year 1891 Wilhelm Brune invented the first taximeter, a device to control the price of the ride. But the word “taxi” derived from the name of the device hasn’t become popular in Britain.

The London cabs are manufactured by such companies as Hooper, London Taxi International and Asquinth. To make the cars more noticeable they are painted black and decorated with the logos and aerography.

The taxi in New York is famous for it bright yellow cars. The passengers are usually not allowed to take the seat next to the driver. The driver cabin is detached from the passenger one by the bulletproof glass. The taxi drivers are emigrants wearing keffiyeh or turbans as a rule. It’s interesting that the illegal taxi is called here “gypsy cab”.

The French taxi cars can usually be found at the underground stations are along the central streets.The small plastic box on their roof is a sign for the passengers to see if the car is free to carry them. If it is lighted the taxi is free and the passengers get in.

The German taxi is not an outstanding one besides the fact that the cars in its service are mostly Mercedes of the E-class complected with the diesel engine.

The Japanese taxis are mostly white and blue cars constantly competing with the cabmen who work legally carrying the passengers in their privately-owned cars. Trying to attract more clients the taxi drivers supply their cars with the massaging devices, mini-fridges, audio- and videoplayers and even the electric shavers. It is worth going on a ride in a Japanese taxi just to see the drivers who remind robots. In any season they wear a uniform consisting of a shirt, a tie, a peaked cap with a cockade and the cloth-made gloves which always remain snow white.

Rickshaw is the type of transport which firstly appeared in Japan and soon spread among the Asian countries. The word “rickshaw” originally denoted “a cart moved by a man”. This type of transport has become a part of the tourist industry in many eastern countries. They are popular among the tourists as it is a comfortable way of transportation for a low cost. Some people go for a ride be rickshaw to see the beautiful beaches or the evening town.

Gondola is the symbol of Venice. It is a long boat painted black. The name “gondola” denotes “a se eel”. Firstly all the boats were brightly colored but after the plaque epidemic they were covered with a black paint in the sign of mourning.

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