Holotropic Breathwork.

Holotropic breathwork is a method that used by those who search new ways of self-exploration and personal transformation. This method is supposed to be very powerful. Holotropic breathwork was created and developed by Stanislav Grof and Christina Grof, Czech scientists based in the USA. The method includes breathing techniques that allow people to reach non-ordinary states. This practice was developed in the 1970s and 1980s. Researches done by Stanislav Grof were forbidden in some countries for a long period of time. Why so? Obviously because Grof spent some time doing researches of LSD and its effects.

There are still many people who are against this type of practice. Well, I’m not for or against it. I just want to understand what the practice means and what can be useful in it?

As the rule holotropic breathwork practiced in pairs. But there are some exceptions and people are allowed to practice it individually. The practice includes several elements. Among them are group meeting, hyperventilation also known as intensified breathing, evocative music, physical work and finally drawing in an expressive way.

In the groups they discuss their feelings, their state of mind. Then all the group is divided into pairs. One person is supposed to be a breather and another is a sitter. The sitter helps and supports the breather emotionally and physically. Thus the sitter provides everything the breather needs. The breathwork is accompanied by evocative music for two hours. The practice of breathtaking is a bit complex and wouldn’t pay attention to it now. As you can see there is nothing special in it at first sight. But what for people spend their money and visit holotropic breathwork classes? Well, the answer is rather simple. Holotropic practice of breathtaking is supposed to increase possibility to “facilitate the psyche’s natural capacity for healing”. To tell the truth I have read different opinions. But even though some people who attended the classes due to some reasons were disappointed nevertheless the classes appeared to be “very important learning experiences” for them. So simple practice of breathtaking is believed to heal your consciousness and state of mind and as the result your entire life would change for better. In case you have addictions no matter whether it is drug addiction or food addiction you should be more careful practicing it. Otherwise it can cause some problems. So even though the practice is not that difficult one should be very careful. Take care!

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