Christianity in India

According to the legend the Christian religion was brought to India by the Apostle Thomas. He was supposed to be the first one to found a Christian church in the south of India. It is called the Syrian Church as the service is lead in the Syrian language. The Bible used for the public sermon is also read aloud in Syrian.

In the sixteenth century the invaders from Portugal began the forceful converting the Hindu to the Christian religion. This painful process lasted for almost the whole century under the control of papacy. From the beginning of the eighteenth century the missionary activity starts to develop with the help of the volunteer activists from the USA and western Europe. Today there are more than 20 million Christians living in India. These figures include the votarists of various Christian denominations: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy.

But the situation concerning the evangelization of the Indian community still remains rather difficult. The pastor of the Protestant Community “Immanuel Prayer Hall at Sainagara” in Hubli was sent to prison and accused of the forced converting Hindus into Christianity. The 26-year old Nathaniel Shubas was arrested after one of the members of the “Bajarngdal” Hindu community had attended the christian meeting. The last made some notes in his notepad and returned after some time with his fellows. The young pastor was beat up and arrested.

According to the law introduced in some states the citizen who wants to accept Christianity is obliged to undergo some procedures in the police station and the court.

The Forum of the Native Population of India has introduces the project of the law that would protect the right of religious self-determination of the citizens. But in practice this law is likely to become a powerful weapon in the hands of the Indian Extremists. This new law may violate the human right in spite of its real aim.

The laws of the Orissa, Madhja-Pradesh and Chattisgarch states that prevent the Indians from being forced converted to Christianity are the measures that bring dis-balance into the social equipoise. The local authorities misuse their power and that is the cause for the cases of violent crimes.

The most dreadful attacks of the Christians took place after the death of the Hunduist leader in 2008 in Orissa. The responsibility for the crime was admitted by the maoists but that hasn’t put the end to the wave of violence.

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