Chopper. Is it worth it?

I bet you have seen Easy Rider (1969) by Dennis Hoper, an iconic road movie. The plot of the film seems to be quite simple and it depicts a trip of two friends traveling around America. They are hippies and they are quite independent. Not many appreciated it at the time. Independence? No, never! It was the initial idea of the creators to show the social differences existing in America of the 1960s. America is depicted as pretty traditional and conservative country where people do not accept independence and freedom in a manner declared by hippies. By the way the film gained its recognition due to use of real marijuana and uncensored depiction of nudity and sex. Supposedly Easy Rider was a “touchstone for a generation”. I think that this movie is still iconic and relevant even today.

If you have seen the movie you remember those cool motorcycles the main characters ride. They are cool indeed. But in reality it turns out that the choppers (that became pretty popular after the movie released) are not so convenient and comfortable to ride. Chopper stands for a motorcycle modified once and forever so that the motorcycle being redesigned has a hand-crafted look. This very look attracts girls like a magnet. I suppose that the main idea of custom motorcycle. As the rule a chopper has a long frame and increased rake angle. That’s why bikers have to hold their hands raised while riding. So the handling is terrible indeed. It is true it is not easy to ride it at all especially if you a newbie.

And of course the owners want eagerly to show off, to attract your attention. They want you to gaze after them. Of course, they are very cool. No doubts. Well, it works until you realize that this pretty expensive chopper has lots of disadvantages. And to tell the truth I do not know whether the modified motorcycle worth acquiring. You think I’m jealous? Well, hopefully I’m not. I mean I do not mind another sport motorbike but chopper. What for? To attract young ladies from your neighborhood? Let’s try to be as objective as it is possible even though I do not understand and do not want to understand this culture of custom bikes. First of all it is very inconvenient to ride the bike of the type for long distances because your hands become numb sooner or later. Well, it happens just in several minutes. It is really uncomfortable and moreover it is not good for your health as well, especially for your back.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that the details used in the chopper are custom. What does it mean? It means that it would be pretty difficult for you to find something you need just in case. It also can mean that it is pretty unsafe. So whether it is worth buying when it can be quite dangerous to ride a chopper. Also it is pretty expensive to maintain a chopper.

Do you still want to buy it?

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