Can the series become your family?

Social communication is becoming weaker and weaker with the flow of time. In the world full of TV shows and programs we somehow tend to ignore the fact that we get addicted to them and all the communication we get is just the TV set or the favorite series.

Nevertheless, psychologist say there are certain reasons for our distracting from real social relations and communication for sake of the TV shows. There are always a lot of interesting events in a show. They meet each other, love and hate each other, save and kill each other…It’s like the whole interesting life in one sack and that’s why we get addicted to them.

The addiction to the series resembles the drug abuse. People get nervous, they are afraid of missing one single episode, they stop communicating with friends and families if it’s time o watch the show. They become lonely even surrounded with people, because the best interlocutor for them is the hero of the series.

So, who is in the risk group?

Lonely people. This is quite obvious. They don’t have much real communication, so they have to substitute it somehow. The best substitute here is the TV set with beautiful unreal stories of other people.

Elderly people. Here everything seems logical too. Their children have grown up, elderly people are very often neglected by the relatives. To fill up the emptiness inside and to remove the silence they watch TV.

People who lack communication in families. When you come home and you don’t have anyone to talk to even if everyone’s in here you turn on the TV set. First it’s done just for sound, then you get interested in what you hear and then you are a TV show addict. It’s a commonly accepted belief that if you have a family, you always have someone to be given much attention. But in reality it’s not always true and some marriedcouples even don’t have any topic to discuss in the evening.Children do not trust their parents thinking they will never be understood by grown ups…

All in all, people who drown in the surreal life of imagined people they see on the screen think they have an aim, they have an occupation and they are not lonely. But in fact, series which substitute your real life make you only more lonely than you can ever be. Think of it!

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