I can’t stand my mom’s boyfriend.

My parent divorced two years ago. It was really difficult time for all of us. They simply fell out of love. They had arguments all the time. Well, it was their decision to split up. Actually I didn’t mind. Of course I love them and want them to be happy. My dad moved to another town. I keep in touch with him and from time to time visit him. Frankly speaking I do not know if he is dating anyone. At least it is not my business. It seems like everything is absolutely okay in his life.

As for my mom she was suffering for some time. It was really difficult for her. It even seemed to me that she didn’t want to divorce. But I tried not to interfere in. And I do not understand those parents who decide to live together for the children. I’m sure that it affects kids. I mean it is really terrible when your parents can’t stand each other and live together only because of you.

My mom met her future boyfriend a year ago. They met at a party. His name is Joe by the way. Well, he is nice indeed. Mom has changes since she met him. She is not depressed anymore and feels fine now. He is very attentive and helps her around the house. He makes my mom laugh and they are happy together. I mean it seems like Joe is a perfect partner for her. For me it is extremely important as I still remember my parents were arguing without a reason. From this point of view I’m really glad my mom met Joe.

About six months ago Joe moved to our place. And to tell the truth I didn’t not like it much. He is annoying. Sometimes it seems to me that he want to be my stepfather. It means that he may call me when I’m out and just ask me what I have had for the lunch. Well, it’s wonderful he takes care. But I’m fifteen now and I can’t stand it. My mom is pretty glad Joe is so attentive to me. Well, I hate it.

Nowadays I’m dating a guy. So Joe asks me some very private questions just for fun. But it is not his business. I wish my mom paid me much more attention than Joe. He posted some silly stuff on my Facebook wall. Well, it is ridiculous. I shared my thoughts with my dad who I get on with. He says I shouldn’t take it seriously. But I do not need a stepfather. I mean I have parents and I do not want anyone to teach me what I should do and this kind of stuff. Sometimes he teaches me good manners. It drives me crazy. I’m absolutely not okay with it. At the same time I realize if he leaves us then my mom wouldn’t endure it. It would definitely hurt her feelings. And I do not want her to suffer anymore. She had enough. I have no idea what to do in the situation…

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