Dreaming Is Useful

In our life there is a place for various events, both positive and negative. And when something happens you may not always be totally aware of the fact if that thing is good or bad. Sometimes it seems that the lives has its own rules and principles that differ a lot from our ideas of how the perfect life would flow. Different people evaluate the events of their life in various manners. One complain about their destiny, the others keep living in the customary manner biting the bullet and hope that there will be the end of all the problems of their life. But there are such individuals who believe that each action and each thought haves the certain influence on the life outline and even can gives us the possibility to choose the events that happen in our life ourselves. There is no person probably who would refuse to live in comfort and happiness.

The dreams of various people are generally similar: to be happy, to have a close friendly family, to travel a lot and so on. All in all the people want four things: money, comfort, happiness, entertainment. But when one starts thinking about the perfect living his feelings protest, as the life experience has already taught us that the rainbow doesn’t appear in the sky every day. There are also gloomy days when it’s raining.

Making your way through the difficulties and life misfortunes you start admiring the stamina of the ones who keep taking step by step steadily to reach their happiness. Everyone has his or her own views and motivation to win by all means. But without the self-discipline and the definite goal one isn’t likely to achieve the desired things in his life. But still the first thing advices by the other people is to start dreaming if you want to receive the pleasant surprises from your destiny.

The interesting fact is that all our dreams are actually likely to come true. That depends upon the way our brain functions. It processes the information more actively and consistently when we are dreaming. If person imagines himself happy and desires to reach something the cells of his or her brain work as a team. If we are concentrated in minor daily problems and routine moments the work of the brain cells dissociates.

The physiologists from Canada State University have found out that the brain of a dreamer works more effectively than the brain of a down-to-earth material person. The state of exhaustion and prostration is generally explained by sloth, carelessness and hypodynamia. But that logic seem to be erroneous. The brain of a human remains at its peak of activity while a person is imagining the things desired.

The quantity and quality of our brain impulses show that various areas of brain keep functioning simultaneously while we are dreaming. The process of building castles on the sand sometimes takes one third of the time of wakefulness. In that way our brain switches our attention between solving the day-to-day problems and the global vital ones.

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