Interesting Facts About “The X Files” Series

1.Agent Mulder’s cell phone number in the series is 555-0199. The same number is used by the Burnhas in “ American Beauty”, and Al Pacino leaves this number in “the Insider”.

2. In “Gender Bender” episode agent Mulder examines a dead body and you can see that the corpse is blinking.

3. In some episodes, Mulder’s gun has no cartridge clip.

4. In the pilot episode the man who substitutes Scully on the plane is David Duchovny’s father.

5. Second episode of the 9th season (“Nothing Important Happened Today “) is dedicated to Chad Keller, a scientist who worked in aerospace industry. He was Chris Carter’s close friend and died in 9/11 bombing in New York City.

6. Agent Fox Mulder has inherited his first name from Carter’s best friend and his last name – from his mother’s maiden name. Agent Scully was named after a sportscaster Vin Scully. According to Chris Carter’s words, he was a “God’s voice” to any teenager. He appears in one of the episodes as the baseball announcer on the TV.

7. Jillian Anderson started her career at 16… in porn. She had been performing in porn movies for 7 years, and the films were so though that American customs office didn’t let them cross the border.

8. Although David Duchovny is married and has 2 kids, he used to have sex disorders and addictions which made him cheating on his wife.

9. The most popular question asked by the fans of the series is: “Will Fox and Dana ever be together?”.

10. In the episode “Blood”, the nurse buzzing on the door buzzes the word ‘Kill’ in Morse code.

11. Scully’s tattoo is a mythical serpent biting its tail. It symbolizes infinity of life and the Universe.

12. Gillian Anderson’s younger sister Zoe Anderson appeared in one of the episodes as the teenage Dana Scully.


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