Top 5 OMG Moments from True Blood

Vampire lips
This is more of a joke than a TV series, I knew this from the very first episode of the show: the way their fangs come out and the way they die, I mean their remains look like bloody stool. I watch this show because it really blows my mind with all the absurd (I love it for that actually), if there is a way to take your mind off things, it’s watching True Blood (although Hemlock Grove is nipping at its heels already). So here I want to share the most absurd moments of the last season.
Spoiler Alert!

So on September 18 we all saw season 4 finale, and here is the list of all the season-4 OMG moments that made me wow or laugh at the screen:
1. Sarah Newlin fight.
Maybe the violent murder in the facility wasn’t supposed to surprise anyone, but the fact that a blond Christian girly-girl did it kinda killed me. And just how she grabbed that poor girl’s shoe and finished her (with all the vampires from the underneath cage eating that girl’s face), and the words “Thank you Jesus” that came out of her mouth pretty much made me wow.
2. Erick Northman’s thing.
Yep. They showed his thing; that was the first full male nudity on the show (I think..). Too bad that thing has burnt. Hope he is going to be back from the dead the next season.
3. Warlow’s slap.
So he slapped Sukie the second she hesitated, I sure didn’t see that one coming. Dude, you are 5500 years old, learn to pace yourself.. Jesus. But that was so unexpected that I actually laughed, it was like “haha whoa man that was bad”. The actor is HOT by the way. Just sayin.
4. Sarah Newlin’s kiss.
Ok, Sarah, from the very beginning we got that you were um… special, but kissing the ripped off head of your lover is a little bit too much.
5. Bill’s telekinetic dining.
Remember when he was in some sort of coma and sucked all the blood out of that feeder girl without so much as moving his finger? That was… freaky and gross. To say the least.
I think it was a good season. I liked the name of the last episode, and the song itself – Radioactive . Anyway, those were my OMG moments of the 4th season, feel free to share yours in comments!


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