Human Society

“Haragei” is the Japanese art of communication without pronouncing words. In fact the rumors of the telepathic abilities of Japanese are exaggerated. Their art of guessing the thoughts of the interlocutor is based on the natural politeness and delicacy. It seems that to guess the intentions and wishes of a stranger is a difficult task but Japanese deal with that every day. To start with try to guess the thought of your close friends of relatives. It is easier than anticipating the next phrase of a completely unknown person.

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Social communication is becoming weaker and weaker with the flow of time. In the world full of TV shows and programs we somehow tend to ignore the fact that we get addicted to them and all the communication we get is just the TV set or the favorite series.

Nevertheless, psychologist say there are certain reasons for our distracting from real social relations and communication for sake of the TV shows. There are always a lot of interesting events in a show. They meet each other, love and hate each other, save and kill each other…It’s like the whole interesting life in one sack and that’s why we get addicted to them.

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I wonder what is there special about to be raised by the same-sex parents? Homosexuals still have some problems in many states and still suffer from the lack of equal rights. Federally same-sex marriages are not recognized in our country. At the same time homosexuals have a right to get married in six states. It is strange, isn’t it? In many countries people do not encourage same-sex marriages. Some people assert that even the Holy Bible condemns homosexual relations focusing their attention on the fact that the marriage is contracted merely between a male and a female. Well, actually I’m not very religious person so I’m not very good at it. I realize that it is probably an immoral sin for religious people and it is not God’s will and homosexuality is just a social phenomena. According to statistics few people are born as actual homosexuals. I wonder why do they not condemn those who prefer to live alone and do not have an aim to build a family. According to their reasoning it is not very well and pretty unnatural. Don’t you think so?

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