According to the legend the Christian religion was brought to India by the Apostle Thomas. He was supposed to be the first one to found a Christian church in the south of India. It is called the Syrian Church as the service is lead in the Syrian language. The Bible used for the public sermon is also read aloud in Syrian.

In the sixteenth century the invaders from Portugal began the forceful converting the Hindu to the Christian religion. This painful process lasted for almost the whole century under the control of papacy. From the beginning of the eighteenth century the missionary activity starts to develop with the help of the volunteer activists from the USA and western Europe. Today there are more than 20 million Christians living in India. These figures include the votarists of various Christian denominations: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism and Orthodoxy.

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Artists and performers probably don’t know that they are just a toy of someone above them. The most of them are a tool to fulfill the tasks they do not have any guess about. The producers seem to have a little bit more information but they are likely to receive the orders from their bosses to include some definite symbols and images in their works. Of course, Rihanna probably doesn’t realize what kind of impulses does she transmit for being dressed up, told how to move and which eye to cover with her palm, what to sing and when to smile. We use body language unconsciously and if we see somewhere a certain pose or a face expression there is a great possibility that we will adopt it.You may notice that if you read a book and came across a witty phrase you will remember it and pronounce it in a short period of time as your own. The same thing is with the gestures and posing. The videos are full of movements which are not chosen randomly. Beyonce is not an exception as being on the top if all hit-parades can’t be accidental. The forming of tastes and preferences is too important to let it drift as it it. It’s the instrument of the mass influence.

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Most of us find it easier to undertake life and all ordeals it sends to us with the help of some philosophy that guides us through the difficulties and provide us with the answers. The question arises, which kind of philosophy is yours, which one answers your needs and your principles. For me such philosophy became Taoism and I want to share with you my experience of living according to its provisions.

Taoism originated from China and it is also called Daoism. This philosophical and religious tradition is based on the principle of Tao which can be relatively translated as Way. This theory says that everything in life should happen in a natural manner, everyone has their own way and should initially follow it, and in this case good luck will join them. But if you try to force the events or make them happen earlier than it is destined by the evolution process of the development, both of your own and of the external world, you will find it difficult to achieve your goals.

Another interesting provision of Taoism is that if you follow your Tao then all the universe tries to help you on your way or give you signs on what decision to make in this or that situation. This philosophy requires from you to be relaxed, to take your time and do not rush forwards without listening to your intuition which is able to read these signs.

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