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Every family has its own problems and the reasons to argue with each other. However, the parents should not forget that their children observe all that is going on and notice even the slightest tension relations on initiate level. The behavior of parents influence the unstable psychology of kids and it may cause some troubles in future.

There are several unfavorable patterns of parents’ behavior which can produce a negative impact on their kids. For example, let’s take a situation when parents can’t agree on the questions of kids’ education. The mother restricts the amount of sweets her kid is allowed to eat; the farther ignores this restriction and gives the kid everything it wants. It is clear that the conflict between the partners, but they should not transfer their problems to their kids. If they use kids as a so-called “joker” in their quarrels the kid starts feeling anxiety, which can lead to sleep disorders, hysteria and diseases. The most cunning kids develop manipulative skills – they apply to the parent who shows more relaxed attitude towards family rules.

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I wonder what is there special about to be raised by the same-sex parents? Homosexuals still have some problems in many states and still suffer from the lack of equal rights. Federally same-sex marriages are not recognized in our country. At the same time homosexuals have a right to get married in six states. It is strange, isn’t it? In many countries people do not encourage same-sex marriages. Some people assert that even the Holy Bible condemns homosexual relations focusing their attention on the fact that the marriage is contracted merely between a male and a female. Well, actually I’m not very religious person so I’m not very good at it. I realize that it is probably an immoral sin for religious people and it is not God’s will and homosexuality is just a social phenomena. According to statistics few people are born as actual homosexuals. I wonder why do they not condemn those who prefer to live alone and do not have an aim to build a family. According to their reasoning it is not very well and pretty unnatural. Don’t you think so?

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