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I wonder what is there special about to be raised by the same-sex parents? Homosexuals still have some problems in many states and still suffer from the lack of equal rights. Federally same-sex marriages are not recognized in our country. At the same time homosexuals have a right to get married in six states. It is strange, isn’t it? In many countries people do not encourage same-sex marriages. Some people assert that even the Holy Bible condemns homosexual relations focusing their attention on the fact that the marriage is contracted merely between a male and a female. Well, actually I’m not very religious person so I’m not very good at it. I realize that it is probably an immoral sin for religious people and it is not God’s will and homosexuality is just a social phenomena. According to statistics few people are born as actual homosexuals. I wonder why do they not condemn those who prefer to live alone and do not have an aim to build a family. According to their reasoning it is not very well and pretty unnatural. Don’t you think so?

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