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My parent divorced two years ago. It was really difficult time for all of us. They simply fell out of love. They had arguments all the time. Well, it was their decision to split up. Actually I didn’t mind. Of course I love them and want them to be happy. My dad moved to another town. I keep in touch with him and from time to time visit him. Frankly speaking I do not know if he is dating anyone. At least it is not my business. It seems like everything is absolutely okay in his life.

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Every family has its own problems and the reasons to argue with each other. However, the parents should not forget that their children observe all that is going on and notice even the slightest tension relations on initiate level. The behavior of parents influence the unstable psychology of kids and it may cause some troubles in future.

There are several unfavorable patterns of parents’ behavior which can produce a negative impact on their kids. For example, let’s take a situation when parents can’t agree on the questions of kids’ education. The mother restricts the amount of sweets her kid is allowed to eat; the farther ignores this restriction and gives the kid everything it wants. It is clear that the conflict between the partners, but they should not transfer their problems to their kids. If they use kids as a so-called “joker” in their quarrels the kid starts feeling anxiety, which can lead to sleep disorders, hysteria and diseases. The most cunning kids develop manipulative skills – they apply to the parent who shows more relaxed attitude towards family rules.

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