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One of the favorite activities of an average girl is to sit comfortably on the sofa, make her nails, watch the photos of the models in fashion magazines and dream that one day her own photos will be placed on the pages of this beautiful advertisement. The life of these gorgeous women reminds a fairy-tale – plenty of admirers, interesting photo sessions, travels, designer cloths…If you are among those who share this opinion I want to disappoint you – it is not that sweet and easy, modeling is a severe business, and if you are seriously planning to get involved in it you’d better prepare for the hardships on your way.

Modeling is not only about stunning body and attractive face. It is a hard work to perform, as you have to smile on the command, put different expressions on your face, not be shy to reveal your emotions in front of the strangers. This profession requires from you an artistic talent, so if you are not sure you possess it, attend some special courses beforehand.

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